TAKUMI Project : Policy to Protect Personal Information

We at TAKUMI Project have a strong commitment to providing the best and the most reliable in customer service. We also recognize that it is not only our social responsibility but also the fundamentals in our business to respect, properly use and safeguard the privacy of all personal information (personally identifiable information) of our customers. We are firmly determined to comply with the ” Personal Information Protection Law ” of Japan, and hereby declare that we shall observe the “Policy to Protect Personal Information” as described below when handling all personal information.

  1. Compliance with the Law of Japan
    We shall comply with all laws and regulations of Japan related to the protection of your personal information.
  2. Internal Rules/Guidelines and In-house Education
    We shall establish and maintain internal rules and guidelines for protecting personal information.
    In-house education programs shall be conducted so that employees are acknowledged of its importance.
  3. Management System
    A staff responsible for handling personal information shall be assigned in each and every section for the purpose of maintaining a functional management system to protect personal information.
  4. Security
    The personal information we collect from you are stored and protected through necessary and reasonable security measures in order to avoid any leakage, loss, destruction, misuse, alteration or illegal access.
    Our outsourcing agents and subcontractors shall also be under reasonable supervision so that they execute proper administration to protect personal information.
  5. Collecting and Handling of Personal Information
    All personal information shall be collected lawfully through reasonable measures, and shall be kept accurate and updated.
  6. Use of Personal Information
    You will be clearly informed of how your personal information is to be used. Your personal information shall be used and handled only within the extent necessary to perform the task required.
  7. Providing Personal Information to Third Parties
    Personal information shall never be disclosed to third parties without your consent.
    This excludes cases that are legally exempt.
  8. Disclosure, Revision or Suspension of Usage of Personal Information
    When you wish for the disclosure, revision or suspension of usage of your personal information, we shall comply to your request, following the necessary procedures only upon verification of your identity. This excludes cases that are legally exempt.
  9. Questions
    Questions regarding this privacy policy should be directed to the following:
    TAKUMI Project Customer Service Office
    (c/o Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd.), 20-4-6 Kawadacho, Sabae city, Fukui prefecture 916-1222 Japan
    Email: support@takumi-project.jp