TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト
TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト
TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト

TAKUMI Chess Set

TAKUMI Chess Set

Chess is one of the world’s most popular games. It’s said that between 500 to 700 million people are chess players. Among those players are enthusiasts with a special appreciation of the design of individual chess pieces. Our pieces are the result of a collaboration between some of Japan’s best-known specialists in lacquerware, such as Yamakyu Japanware, and metal machining, such as Hirose Industry. Celebrated designer Hisakazu Suzuki has modeled each detailed piece after key players in Japan’s Sengoku period, when samurai and their lords fought for control of the country. Meanwhile, the board itself represents the wide samurai battlefield. Use this set, and see a classic Japanese battle unfold before your eyes.

About the TAKUMI Chess Set

Samurai armor, katana blades, tools of war: traditional Japanese lacquer transformed these cold metal implements into graceful works of art. In the same way, top lacquer artisans transform our chess pieces into something only possible in Japan. 

To take on the role of a Sengoku warrior, each piece is lavishly costumed and decorated in a way that fills the player with determination and enthusiasm. In creating such pieces, we have spared no expense, using the finest materials and craftsmanship, elevating our chess set to the level of art.

Most chess pieces are separated into black and white, but the TAKUMI Chess Set uses black and red: the two colors that best represent traditional Japanese lacquer. The black set is decorated with powders of silver and platinum, while the red set is decorated with gold.

Black Set

TAKUMI Chess Set Black Group
TAKUMI Chess Set Black Group

Red Set

TAKUMI Chess Set Red Group
TAKUMI Chess Set Red Group

Special requests and custom orders are very welcome.
Please feel free to send us a request for your own Chess Set, or even for other products utilizing Takumi design, lacquer and precise metal cutting technology.

TAKUMI Chess Set Creator

[ Manufacturing supervisor ]

Taizo Yamamoto (Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd.)

[ Manufacturing companies ]

Hirose Industry Co., Ltd. (Metal processing) Kyoto

NISHIMOTO CO.,LTD.(Kaga Maki-e) Ishikawa

Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd. (Echizen Japanware) Fukui

[ Product design ]

Hisakazu Suzuki (Modeling artist, SPAZIO WORKS)

[ Photo ]

Kenji Mori

Yoichi Naiki

[ Sponsors ]

Hirose Industry Co., Ltd.

Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd.