TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト
TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト
TAKUMI Project 匠プロジェクト

TAKUMI Poker Table

Combining Traditional Artisanry and Modern Furniture Technology

TAKUMI Porker Table

Poker: a game with fans young and old all over the world. Now, the TAKUMI Project introduces a poker table with never-before-seen quality for those fans to enjoy.

The overall design of the Takumi Poker Table was created by architect Takahiro Otsuka. Otsuka based the cover on an iconic piece of Japanese art known as “Red and White Plum Blossoms” by the legendary artist Ogata Korin, with plum blossoms shining in a jet-black fog. Meanwhile, the four sides of the table represent the four seasons, a timeless theme in Japanese art.

About the TAKUMI Poker Table

The lid can be placed on an easel while the table is being used to be displayed as a work of art.

The lid can be placed on an easel while the table is being used to be displayed as a work of art.

The lacquer piece that runs the inside of the table depicts elements from the four seasons, including cherry blossoms, irises, and autumn leaves. The lining, which stretches some six meters, uses a lavish amount of real gold and an extremely refined polishing technique that goes beyond the normal realm of lacquer work.

Every detail, from the table’s tin cup holders to its black leather armrests, is packed with functional yet elegant signs of takumi-level artisanship, all geared toward unparalleled comfort and functionality.

Special requests and custom orders are very welcome.
Please feel free to send us a request for special design in terms of table size, lacquer color or maki-e design to realize your own Poker Table.

TAKUMI Poker Table Creator

[ Founders ]

Takashi Iwamoto (Kenbridge Entertainment Inc.)

Taizo Yamamoto (Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd.)

Kyu Watanabe (Greenfield Overseas Assistance Co., Ltd.)

[ Advisors ]

Masahiko Nishiyama (N DESIGN)

Takehiko Yoshikawa (Craft Partners Ltd.)

[ Manufacturing supervisor ]

Taizo Yamamoto (Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd.)

[ Manufacturing companies ]

Yamakyu Japanware Co., Ltd. (Echizen Japanware) Fukui

Nishimoto Co., Ltd. (Kaga Maki-e) Ishikawa

Shibata Shikki Co., Ltd. (Takaoka Japanware) Toyama

NOUSAKU Co. (Takaoka casting) Toyama

Maruichi selling Inc. (Overall design/manufacturing) Fukui

D-9 Co., Ltd. (Metalworking in the table) Tokyo

[ Product design ]

Takahiro Otsuka (Takahiro Otsuka DESIGN OFFICE INC.)

[ Photo ]

Shoei Yamawake (CREATION STUDIO)

[ Sponsors ]

Kenbridge Entertainment Inc.

Yamayu Japanware Co., Ltd.